Ari Freuman, M.A. Psychology

Founder Ari Freuman began tutoring the SAT and ACT as a graduate student in 2010. Working for a large test prep company, he quickly found that his company’s methods wasn’t helping his students scores improve. So, in 2012, Ari began to tutor students privately. It was during his private years that he began to apply his cognitive psychology background to tutoring and developed the techniques that Cognesis uses today.


Our Next Great Tutor


Have a passion for helping students realize their dreams? Cognesis is looking for the next all-star tutor. A high SAT or ACT score is a start, but candidates must have a strong mathematical background as well as professional writing skills. In order to ensure quality for our students, we ask for a long-term commitment. We offer flexible hours and competitive pay. Graduate degree work in psychology or other social science is a plus. For more info, please email us at hiring@cognesistestprep.com.