Ivy Tutor provides college advising during all phases of process.

High School Planning: We begin with students as early as their freshmen year in order to plan how to best position them for college entrance success. The goal of early planning is to consider how we will plan to “market” our students to the top school. By beginning early, we are able to craft a narrative that will suggest to schools that they may be accepting the next great inventor, writer or business tycoon.

College selection: As students’ records and achievements coalesce, we work hand-in-hand with students to find a dozen or so schools, ranging from reaches to fallbacks. Because our advisors have years and years of experience, placing thousands of students into top schools, they can assemble an optimal array of schools.

College application: With decades of experience, our advisors understand exactly how to market students on a college by college basis. Not only will Ivy Tutors advise students and parents on how to navigate the application process, they will help craft all parts of the application.